Water Damage  
  Water damage may come from many sources and in many forms. Broken pipes, backed up drains, HVAC condensation lines, and heavy water discharge from sources used to combat fires (sprinklers and fire hoses), may be some of the causes. If not addressed promptly mold and/or warping can set in and floor coverings can also delaminate. Fireworks Cleaning can provide the equipment and know how to properly mitigate water damage regardless of the cause. In many cases this may involve the removal of an element of floor covering, pumping out standing water or extracting water from surfaces. Drying equipment can be deployed to facilitate this work and Fireworks Cleaning can even provide power generation at a much lower cost than if pursued through power companies.

Recent trends have shown mold has become a big concern. Fireworks Cleaning has the experience and proper equipment to mitigate these losses in a rapid and cost effective manner. Mold mitigation can be offered on a time and material basis to keep costs to a minimum.

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