Offsite Service  
  If property structure has been damaged, immediate steps should normally be taken to protect the contents of the home from inclement weather, theft and vandalism, or even the possibility of accidental damage that could be caused in the process of restoring the structural integrity of the property.

Furthermore, smoke and moisture can have a number of harmful effects on most of the contents of a home. Joints in wooden pieces may swell, moisture and odor can penetrate sensitive items, and surfaces/finishes of various kinds may become marred. To ensure that such collateral damage does not compound the effects of the catastrophe, Fireworks Cleaning will perform the following services:

  1. inventory and pack the cleanable personal property and move it to our storage facility for cleaning and proper treatment
  2. apply ozone treatment (activated oxygen) to neutralize odor
  3. repack items into new boxes and store them as needed
  4. deliver items to refinisher if required
  5. coordinate move back of property when home is ready
  6. provide emergency cleaning and relocate items to a temporary residence

Owners are provided with detailed inventory of all items removed from their property. In addition we will take pictures and/or video of the property for future reference. Copies can be obtained by contacting our office. Once items are cleaned, a display can be arranged for the property owner and/or insurance professional.

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